Sunday, May 28, 2006

200 metres from Everest summit, Canadian halts climb to rescue man

Sat May 27, 01:50 PM EST
A Calgary woman says she's very proud of her husband for being part of a team that saved an Australian climber who was left for dead on Mount Everest.
"I know he feels he made the right decision," Jennifer Brash said of her husband Andrew. "He was very close to the summit, but more importantly, he did the right thing for this climber," she told CBC News on Saturday.
Lincoln Hall reached the summit on Thursday and was descending with his Russian-led expedition when he reportedly became delirious, a sign of fluid on the brain, and could not be moved. His wife and teenage sons had been told he had died.
Hall spent the night alone at an elevation of 8,700 metres, before other climbers including the Calgarian found him the next morning.
Brash's group gave Hall tea, oxygen and a radio for communication. Hall later received medical attention .

Re; Sacrifice. Well, fame and personal ambition can wait with respect towards others urgent needs case in point --- a LIFE! We cannot escape our own prejudices when death or hardship stares at us in the face.. and sometimes, help comes unexpectedly from other people. We may find ourselves compromised at 29000 feet, very rarely we get help yet, at the most critical moment.. somehow we'd be grateful when someone DOES lend us hand.

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